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Let's fight together against COVID-19

Why donate?

We are going through the third wave of Covid-19 infections in Colombia and there are many unprotected families waiting for your help.

Colombia Colombia
+2296 New Confirmed
5069644 Total Confirmed
+55 New Deaths
128528 Total Deaths
0 New Recovered
0 Total Recovered

With your help we can reduce the arrival of new waves of contagion protecting the weakest, helping to control further spread of the virus.

How many more waves of Pandemic does it take to count on your help?
Do not wait any longer, Colombia will thank you.

More than 15 years supporting
those most in need

The foundation mi Hogar asuncionista, a non-profit organization, develops and leads a social work supported by a group of volunteers and benefactor companies that donate their time, knowledge, and resources.

The smallest action is better than the larger intent, donate now.